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Do you want to build a grill with your own hands? Let's see how to do it in just five steps.

The construction of the mangal should be started with the choice of location for it and the purchase of all necessary materials. You will need a refractory brick, a stone for the table top (if it will be), a decorative stone for lining (also fireproof, not to be confused with the usual decorative one), cement, paving material for the site, metal parts (according to the list).

And here's a list of necessary tools: a trowel, a shovel, a cord, a hammer. In addition, you need a concrete mixer. It is impossible to do the kneading manually (only if you have experience with cement), since if you knead incorrectly and do not calculate the proportions in such a way, your brazier can become flimsy and flammable.

Step 1: Foundation

The foundation is done like this: the entire site for the construction of a future barbecue or stove is poured to a depth of 25 cm. You need to wait for the concrete to harden before starting to build the barbecue itself - it’s best to have 3 days in the sun and 5 days in the shade. You will also need wooden formwork (boards, nails) to fill the foundation. As a result, the foundation should rise 10-15 cm above the ground. Ideally, you should immediately fill in a foundation of 10-20 square meters under the patio or summer kitchen.

The distance from neighbors should be at least 10 meters, from the fence - at least 5 meters, from the house - at least 5-6 meters. In this case, you will have to conduct electricity here, and for the summer kitchen there is also water with a sink, so do it on the way from the house to the septic tank.

Step 2: laying grill

The laying of the brazier needs to be made with fire-resistant brick strictly according to the plan. A specific scheme can be found on the Internet or in any book on the furnace case. An approximate list of materials that you will need to build a barbecue yourself, is as follows:

  • slaked lime and refractory bricks;
  • cement and sand;
  • metal corners;
  • reinforcing mesh or reinforcing bars;
  • decorative stone (fireproof or heat-resistant) or decorative brick for cladding;
  • wire (to strengthen);
  • worktop for summer kitchen;
  • metal elements (damper, fire door and the like).

Step 3: The First Arch

Following the instructions, you need to make the first test heating the barbecue on a dry sunny day. It is very important to drown for an hour for 3-5 days (every day!), But you can’t immediately melt the stove or grill. At the same time, the furnace and blowing doors, the smoke and steam extractor valves must all be open. So the oven dries much better.

Step 4: grill, built-in appliances

If you built a summer kitchen without a brazier, you need to integrate a gas grill, built-in appliances under the countertop - usually a refrigerator and an oven. Add also a tabletop, if not already there, buy furniture for the dining room and patio.

Step 5: Porch, Glazing or Carport

The brazier will last longer if you make glazing for the terrace around it, turning it into a veranda, or putting in a shed. This is especially true in winter. By the way, in the winter the grill also needs to be heated - 5-10 times per season, on a dry and clear day.

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