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Non-standard storage systems: 15 ideas

You do not know how to organize storage systems in your new home so that no one can figure out where you are hiding the winter stuff and apricot jam? We have a half dozen ideas for inspiration.

Hiding things in cabinets irrelevant. Today, interior designers are looking for an increasingly unconventional place to store anything. The fact is that huge cabinets, walls, wardrobes, mezzanines, dressers and pedestals literally devour the space. That is why more and more often architects design basements - wardrobes, storerooms and wine cellars.

Volumetric pillows and blankets in the living room, as it turned out, it is reasonable to place directly on the stairs - in a specially equipped storage system in the inter-skid space. The library can also be located on the stairs. The steps themselves while some manage to turn into drawers.

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In the kitchen there is much more room for creativity. For example, it is possible to equip an extremely narrow wine and seasoning cabinet, but not to store sponges and dishwashing brushes on the sink, but in the organizer adjacent to it, the knife magnet does not need to be fixed to the wall - at the bottom of the upper cabinet it will hand and invisible.

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