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Original ideas for a flower bed: vegetables instead of flowers

You do not know how else to decorate your garden? Do you already have vegetable beds? Not? Then start to remember all the varieties of cabbage you know. This knowledge will be very useful for your future fruitful flower bed.

You will not surprise anyone with an abundance of exotic flowers at the site. However, a good housewife will always find a way to stand out among the less resourceful neighbors. The trend for vegetable beds appeared just because of such inventors.

In our today's collection we have collected the most interesting ideas of floristic compositions, which at one point will be able to give not only aesthetic, but also gastronomic pleasure.

As for the choice of plants, here we can find instructions for action. As the basis for vegetable beds are best suited for various types of decorative cauliflower. Rosemary, basil, leek, beetroot and several types of salads will fit in as accents.

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