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Is it possible to control the whole house with one tablet button

There is nothing easier than using a single button to control everything that is in the house: blinds, lights, intercom, music, video, home appliances. And today we will tell in detail about how it works.

The Smart Home system involves the use of high-tech equipment that will turn a living room into a modern space. Automation can simplify life, add comfort and convenience, and the choice of functions is so wide that users trust them with any questions - from heating and ventilation to ensuring safety and control.

The advantages of installing this kind of systems are amazing and varied. This is the already mentioned thermal control, and automatic control of lighting scenarios, and burglar alarms, sound transmission, and display of data on energy consumption, and intercom system. What is convenient - all functions can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone. These devices today have become the most indispensable attributes of life, so it is not surprising that they can turn into a kind of control panel at once the whole house. The remote that commands even at a considerable distance - for example, from another country.

Two main types of systems

Home automation systems differ from each other in design and the number of external devices distributed throughout the room. But the most important thing is the technical component, the very stuffing that characterizes the concept of "smart home". With its planning, any project begins, and due to its adaptability, the set of functions of the system can be very different.

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In practice, control systems are implemented using one of two technologies - bus or radio. It's simple: for one you need to use wires that are laid behind walls or panels, and the other comes to the rescue when there is no possibility (or desire) to hide the cables. The second solution is usually used for partial reconstruction of buildings or premises, although there are also combined options. The ability to integrate into other home automation systems is a feature of MyHOME equipment (Group Legrand).

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What sockets and switches are and how to choose them correctly

Sergey Ivanovsky, Legrand:

- From a technical point of view, tire technology is considered to be much more reliable. But the modern radio system is quite durable and stable. There are a considerable number of objects made specifically for the second technology and operating for four, five or more years. At the design stage, it is recommended to monitor the quality of the reception and transmission of the radio signal on site.

Tire technology

The features of SCS bus technology, which is equipped with the MyHOME home automation system, are manifested in the fact that any of the necessary elements is connected to a common wired bus for exchanging data and commands. The basis is a two-wire twisted pair, which is able to exchange information flows and supply power. If a flat or house is being made from scratch, then it makes sense to pay attention to this system, which includes the power supply, bus cable, control devices and performers (activators), as well as a touch control device, various sensors and local displays.

Sergey Ivanovsky, Legrand:

- In the MyHOME bus system there are various touch displays to control all the functions of the automation system. They can receive an incoming video call from the street call panel of the intercom, talk to the guest and open the door for him by clicking on the "key" icon on the panel. You can turn on audio broadcasting in rooms from the FM tuner or any other sound source, increase or decrease the volume of the sound. On the panel, you can visualize the power consumption by consumers, and if necessary, adjust the temperature of the heated floors or heaters in the rooms. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of any lighting groups, raise or lower the blinds, and also run scenarios in which the state of all the controlled elements of the system can be specified in advance.

Touch Panel BTicino

As a simple example of using the automation system, you can consider the lamp control option, where two switches in two directions are used, as indicated in the image below. This is the advantage of such innovations in relation to traditional electrical installations - there is room for creativity when it comes to the design of the interior that comes to the fore. One more point with the function of the smooth control of lighting can also be added to this system.

If you continue to study the products of large manufacturers, then you should mention the technology based on radio - this is the system MyHome Play (group Legrand). All devices here work on the 2.4-GHz frequency band ZigBee allowed in the Russian Federation. Today, the focus on wireless technology is more relevant than ever, so this solution is increasingly being used in any type of dwelling due to its convenience and flexibility of use. Control devices operate on batteries.

Sergey Ivanovsky, Legrand:

- Mechanisms (activators) for curtains, blinds or lamps differ from each other. In order to turn on / off the light, a relay switch is needed that will switch the load supply circuit. To reduce the brightness of the glow, an activator-dimmer is needed; for blinds or curtains, a relay with mutually interlocked contacts is needed in order not to accidentally turn on the curtain movement up and down.

Of course, the materials of the walls and the dimensions of the space affect the quality of the passage of radio commands, because the material of the obstacles absorbs the signal. You should always take this into account when installing. For a radio system, in essence, only an activator and a control device are needed, the installation location of which will be determined by the convenience of their subsequent use. But the main advantage is that there are no wires!

With the help of radio technology today, many things can be controlled: the main engineering electrical equipment of a house, lighting (both switching on and dimming), various drives of blinds and roller shutters, scenarios and even technical signaling. Wireless data networks play a decisive role here. By Wi-Fi, today you can not only access the Internet, but also manage all the mechanisms. And all this can be controlled directly from the tablet.

Sergey Ivanovsky, Legrand:

- The burglar alarm system is one of the MyHOME SCS home automation subsystems and can either exist as a separate system or be integrated into a common one. For example, leaving the house and activating the "security", you run the script "I left", and the light in the whole house will automatically be turned off. It is necessary to begin the installation of a security alarm system from a technical task, which includes taking into account the geometry and features of the premises, the house or even the protected perimeter. It is important to understand that there is no such function in the radio system - only technical signaling.

Even the nuance with a sudden outage, so characteristic of our harsh reality, is thought out.

Sergey Ivanovsky, Legrand:

- If a short-term power outage occurs, this will not affect the radio system. When power is restored, the activators will continue to operate in the same mode as before the moment of shutdown. All settings will be restored. In the bus system, some devices may go into "reset" mode, but when power is restored, the system status will be restored using a memory unit that remembers the state of all system loads before a power failure and automatically restores their state after power is restored.

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