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IKEA bunk bed

Today's furniture market offers a wide selection of different product options for bedroom equipment, and although many of them are distinguished by increased comfort and beauty, not everyone is available. And the matter is not always in their price: not every apartment has the space necessary for their placement.

It is always more interesting to sleep in a bunk bed or an attic bed - and not only.

Many families still live in rather cramped conditions, which dictates the conditions for choosing furniture. And in this case, preference is given to bunk beds, which are in great demand.

IKEA store chain offers products for all tastes and financial opportunities.

Advantages and disadvantages of IKEA bunk beds

Speaking about the benefits of IKEA beds, note the following:

  • High quality of the material from which they are made;
  • Durability and reliability of structures;
  • The widest color scale;
  • Variety of models;
  • Possibility of use by children and adults;
  • Compact and versatile;
  • Wide price range;
  • The variety of design solutions to fit the design in any interior.

Among the main advantages of IKEA bunk beds are their ability to save space and avoid unnecessary expenses for the purchase of additional furniture.

Types of bunk beds IKEA

IKEA offers the widest selection of products of this type, among them:

  • Bunk beds, where beds are located on both tiers;

    These beds allow you to use the area twice.

  • Bed attic, the design of which provides the upper stationary place to sleep;

    Below is equipped with a working area with a table.

  • Transforming bed, where the second tier is a full place to sleep;

    Downstairs - retractable bed or sofa.

  • A transforming sofa that allows you to equip a comfortable bed at the top;

    Downstairs - a comfortable place to relax.

  • Bed-wardrobe-sofa - a unique design that combines versatility and convenience;

    Combines a bed, a sofa for rest and a built-in wardrobe where you can store bedding, linens and so on.

How to choose the right material

IKEA has a wide range of products made from various materials, the most popular being:

  • Tree
  • Metal
  • Plastic.

Solid wood - high-quality natural "warm" environmentally friendly raw materials.

Among the most popular for the manufacture of bunk beds wood species are:

  • Oak from which products are made with unlimited service life; They are beautiful, durable and reliable, fit perfectly into any interior, but quite expensive;
  • High-quality and beautiful designs are made of solid birch, but they are also not cheap;
  • Wood beech, ash, alder has gorgeous shades and decorate any product; their cost is lower than oak and birch;
  • Solid pine - the most common material for the manufacture of bunk beds, high-quality and cheapest.

When choosing products from pine, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that there are as few traces of knots as possible on it, otherwise it will soon begin to collapse.

The metal base is strong and durable, while it gives the product some lightness and delicacy. In this case, when choosing products, the frame of which is made of metal, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of processing of metal elements.

They should not have cracks, burrs, chips.

Plastic is usually used in the manufacture of bunk beds for the smallest. They are presented in a wide range of colors and a variety of models.

The design of these beds is often associated with fabulous images.

What especially to pay attention to when choosing

Buying furniture in a store is always a serious and responsible matter, so you need to choose it slowly, paying attention to the design features. At the same time, it is worth considering that IKEA offers only high quality products from proven manufacturers.

However, this does not exclude the need for thorough verification of the selected model.

  1. It is necessary to investigate the bottom of the upper berth: it should be made of durable solid wood slats and provide good support for the body.

    For an adult, it is determined by weight, for a child, by the desire to jump on the bed.

  2. Among the dangerous elements, the quality of which requires serious testing, there may be a staircase to the second floor if it:
  • Made of poor quality material;
  • Inconveniently located;
  • Made with violations of technology;
  • Has burrs, cracks, chips, which increases the possibility of injury during use.

As a rule, IKEA in Moscow and other cities pays the most serious attention to the quality of the staircase, which virtually eliminates problems with its use.

  1. The quality of the material is important, especially the degree of its "maturity". The raw material after drying is “jarred”, the bed starts to creak, its deformations are possible. When choosing products from solid pine, it is necessary to check the surface: there should be no traces of knots on a quality product, or their number should be minimal.

    Otherwise, despite the fact that the product with traces of knots looks quite impressive, it will soon become unusable.

  2. Functionality: the presence of a complete bed and a desk, drawers, wardrobe, sofa in the kit will determine the use of the product: only for sleeping or for sleeping, working and relaxing.
  3. Be sure to check the availability and strength of the bumpers on the second tier, as well as the strength and stability of the ladder to the top.

    If the bed is purchased for adults, it is better if the ladder is located at a certain angle, without inconvenience when climbing to the second floor and descending, which will exclude the possibility of overturning the structure.


Choosing a two-tier structure, you must pay attention to its size. If it is purchased for an adult or adolescent, then its parameters should be at least 90x200 cm. It should be borne in mind that for a child who is still growing, it must be bought with an additional length of at least twenty centimeters.

If the bed is chosen for children, it is important to pay attention to the height of the product.

Given that not every room has high ceilings, and children, as you know, love to jump on the bed, the bedroom can be right under the ceiling, which can lead to injuries to the head and spine. Therefore, when buying a product for a child, preference should be given to beds with a height of 160 to 180 cm.

It is important to note that the design in the nursery should not be cumbersome and “fall out” from the general interior of the room.

Overview of popular IKEA cots

In Moscow, you can find more than one IKEA store, where you can buy high-quality and diverse models of beds. And although bunk beds can buy for adults, the main users of such designs are children.

In the salons of furniture there are a lot of products addressed to children, made of various materials and having different configuration and functionality.

  1. Interesting bunk bed for children IKEA, made of solid wood and equipped with a solid staircase, side cabinets and drawers under the stairs.

    You can descend from the second floor by a comfortable, solid staircase.

  2. IKEA metal bunk bed, made in the style of minimalism, is perfect for teenagers, especially for boys, who at this age are not prone to design excesses, and value functionality and convenience more. The design has several variants of models, which, in addition to the upper berth, may include a desk, stationary or roll-out, a wardrobe or sofa, a large number of shelves and drawers.

    All this allows you to equip a full place to sleep and a comfortable work area or a place to rest.

  3. The bunk bed IKEA wooden provides a full sleep of the child and useful pastime.

    Strong, safe, high-quality and comfortable bed in all respects.

  4. A sliding wooden bed makes it possible to use it for several years, taking into account the increase in height and weight of the child.

    IKEA sliding beds “grow” with the baby.

  5. Bed attic: multifunctional, comfortable, elegant.

    Made from high quality environmentally friendly materials.

  6. A bunk bed with a pull-out bed that allows you to place three children without getting another bed and not cluttering up a small room.

    Visiting IKEA stores in Moscow and other cities, you can purchase high-quality and comfortable bunk beds.

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