Overview of the beautiful curtains in the living room: a photo in the interior

In the design of the room window decoration plays an important role. With the help of successful design of windows, you can hide the shortcomings of the window opening, visually make the ceilings higher, and the room is lighter and more spacious. The most popular way to design windows is beautiful curtains. Curtains and tulle are what our grandmothers used. At this stage of development of the textile industry, the diversity of such products has increased significantly. And now the choice must be made more carefully and scrupulously.

Curtains on the windows in the living room create their atmosphere, protect from sunlight and prying eyes.

Window decoration in the living room, types of curtains, fabrics, design

There are many curtains. In order to correctly determine the choice, it is necessary to divide the existing options according to several criteria. So, choosing the one you like in each segment, you can quickly and easily determine what you need.

With their identical functionality, they are very different and, if properly selected, fit the interior of the living room of different styles.

To get started is to deal with existing species. Curtains is a generic name. They are divided into curtains and curtains, there are also additions in the form of pelmets, which can also be called curtains.

Curtains are divided into types according to the mode of operation.

  • Roll. This type includes Japanese, Roman and Austrian curtains. They are equipped with a roller on which the fabric is wound with a lace. So, it turns out that the window is closed by a dense fabric screen that rises vertically.
  • Sliding. These can be curtains on eyelets, ties, hinges, drawstring, braid or rings. They are made of various materials, and are divided by style.

Both rolled and sliding models are further divided into subspecies depending on the style.

What curtains in the living room to choose

With the main division of the curtains figured out. Choose to begin with what you need, curtains or drapes. Next, decide how the selected item should function. Now feel free to go to the choice of style, color, type and fabric to find a harmonious combination of all the elements of the room.

When choosing the color of curtains, it is necessary to build on the size of the room, the amount of light in it, the layout and the height of the ceiling.

The criteria for combining curtains with room design

Curtains attract a lot of attention, so you should seriously consider their color design. There are several important factors:

  1. Compatibility with the basic design of the room;
  2. Adjustment of the space of the room;
  3. Correction of defects in the window opening;
  4. Adjusting natural lighting.

Choose the color and shade of curtains, depending on the color and texture of the finish.

In the first factor you need to pay attention, first of all, to the color design of the walls, floors and ceiling.

Important! Particularly important role in choosing curtains plays the color of the walls.

Curtains can be a contrast with the basic color of the room, or harmoniously combined, being in the same color scheme. Both options have the right to exist. However, in the first case, you need to find a very good combination.

Color can match the color of the furniture or the largest item in the interior.

Select curtains in the living room to match the walls is also a bad option. In this case, they will simply merge, and the windows will remain expressionless.

The best option for window decoration is to choose curtains with color that repeats any piece of furniture. This may be furniture or decorative elements.

Making curtains and pillows one cloth will create a unity of style.

Based on the adjustment of space, windows and lighting control, choose light or dark curtains, depending on what effect is required. Light tones expand the space and allow more light into the room, dark ones, respectively, act in reverse.

For sunny rooms, cold colors are suitable, and warm ones will fill the interior of the living room with light.

Rules for choosing fabric for curtains in the living room

This criterion is interrelated with all previous ones. It can not be considered separately, but only in a complex. So, the most popular are fabric curtains. Of these, mainly used for curtains:

  • Jacquard;
  • Crepe;
  • Cotton;
  • Chintz;
  • Linen.

Gray curtains in the interior of the living room create a neutral and expensive look.

For curtains most often choose:

  • Chiffon;
  • Organza;
  • Satin;
  • Silk mixed with organza or chiffon;
  • Tulle.

Light curtains in the living room create an airy atmosphere if made of transparent and translucent materials.

There are also bamboo and wood curtains. These are mostly roll-up species that rise vertically. They are suitable mainly for the creation of Oriental styles. There are also plastic blinds, but they are not suitable for the living room.

Basically, buyers prefer fabric options.

When choosing a fabric, be guided by the price indicator, features of care and appearance. Do not miss the criterion of naturalness. Artificial fabrics mostly do not require ironing, do not shed and are easy to maintain. With natural it is more difficult: after washing, they may lose color, shape, and be creased.

How to choose curtains by style

Now go to the next criterion - style. It directly depends on the general style of the room. It is important to combine all the previous factors: type, length, color and fabric. The main thing is to correctly combine these parameters so that the curtains in the interior of the living room harmoniously fit into the overall plan. Let's divide the available styles into modern, classical and ethnic.

Such curtains are suitable for spacious rooms with large windows.

Modern style in the design of windows

To choose curtains in a modern style, we divide them according to the available directions in the design of the room, defining the criteria for curtains for each of the available styles.

  • Minimalism. For this style, suitable roleta, blinds, roller or fabric curtains. It is desirable that the color solution was monophonic or with a small low-key print of a minimalist direction. Geometric prints are great. Pay attention to the color block model. They consist of several stripes of different colors.

The main criterion is maximum simplicity.

  • High tech. Here prevail long fabric or modern models of roller blinds. The choice of colors preferred cold tone, metallic luster, copper, silver, gold, black and white combination.

The main criterion is conciseness and coldness.

  • Provence. The modern style that reflects the traditions of the village, and to the old. The main gamut is pastel, the main color is beige. Among the cold colors there are olive, blue, blue. The combination of repetitive natural phenomena, such as dark yellow withered grass and olive trees, is appreciated. For this direction fit curtains in the style of a cafe, Austrian, French, short on the drawstring or long on the grommet.

Curtains are selected gentle tones: peach, ivory, beige, milk, etc.

  • Loft. The most common dark fabric blinds or roll canvases. You can also choose long fabric curtains of a contrasting color, in a small amount present in the room, or a dark color to match the furniture or walls.

This is a universal tone that does not attract attention, but warms the interior.

These are the most common modern styles. Others repeat to some extent available. Now you can go to the classics.

Classic style in the design of windows

The classic style contains several styles. They are united by the main criterion - pomp.

Curtains in any classic style are coarse, heavy and bulky.

Among the classic areas we highlight the following.

  • Antiquity. A characteristic feature of the style are high windows. They make out long heavy curtains of quality materials with drapery. This style reflects the currents of ancient Rome, therefore, despite the pomp, there is some lightness in it. This is achieved through the bright design of windows and parts of the room.

Curtains for the living room in a classic style combine light tulle and heavy thick curtains.

  • Baroque. This area reflects the greatest wealth and pomp. It uses only quality materials. The most common color combination is red and gold. Great for curtains with lambrequins, curtains and tassels with laces.

For curtains, it is even permissible to use a gold thread as an impregnation.

  • Classic. Directly exemplary classics are clarity of form, simplicity in design and conciseness. In the design of windows, preference is given to straight long curtains on the grommets. Color design can be both dark and light.

The design of the curtains for the living room in a classic style, many owners turn to the same good taste.

  • Modern The highlight of the style are round windows, so you have to look for the appropriate form of curtains. The design is dominated by curved and fancy shapes, in the design - images of flowers, dragonflies and ornate lines. Therefore, for the curtains, you can choose a light fabric with drapery and one of the proposed images.

The classic version, bordering on modernity.

All classical styles are pompous, and from the point of view of modernity, are elaborate. However, they are dominated by natural materials and luxurious color combinations.

Other style directions

The last category of styles is ethnic. Here we select the most popular among modern options.

  • Japanese. Best of all will give the features of the direction of Japanese curtains. These are long fabric screens, not wide format. They can be monophonic or with a pattern of Japanese national themes (mountains, sakura, flowers).

Japanese-style curtains help create a sophisticated interior without any extra details.

  • Chinese. A distinctive feature is the coloring. This is basically a red and yellow combination. Brown variants are also popular. You can also use fabric webs like Japanese curtains, only with the appropriate colors. Bamboo curtains are also popular.

Curtains of Chinese origin - cloth fabric, which is equal in size to the size of the window.

  • Scandinavian. It can also be attributed to popular ethnic destinations. Homeland of this style are cold countries: Norway, Iceland and Finland. As curtains for this style, choose long fabric patterns in dark blue or white.

Curtains in the Scandinavian style create an atmosphere of comfort, without overloading the interior with unnecessary details.

To match the style of the curtains to the overall atmosphere of the room, be guided by the color scheme of the walls, ceiling, furniture and accessories.

Examples of the most beautiful curtains in the living room

Before buying curtains in the living room, look at the real photos of all models and options. They will help you make the right choice. But do not completely copy the seen version. It is better to add your own idea to it, and you will get a unique product that reflects your personality.

Properly chosen design of curtains for the living room refreshes the room and attracts attention.

For help, we offer to look into our photo collection.

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